Dual channel digital isolators
Independent innovation in isolation technology enables efficient data isolation.
Dual channel
digital isolators

The CMT802XNXL series devices are high-performance, dual channel digital isolators with as high as 3.75 kVrms isolation voltage by means of silicon-dioxide (SiO2) insulation barrier. The digital isolator is used to communicate between two different power supply domains while prevents noise currents on a data bus or other circuits from entering the local ground and interfering with or damaging sensitive circuitry. This device comes with enable pins that can be used to put the respective outputs in high impedance for multi-master driving applications and to reduce power consumption. The CMT802XNXL device has four forward and up to two reverse-direction channels. If the input power or signal is lost, the default output is high for the CMT802XN1L device and low for the CMT802XN0L device. See the Device Functional Modes section for further details. The isolator provides high electromagnetic immunity and low emissions at low-power consumption. Through innovative chip design and layout techniques, electromagnetic compatibility of the CMT802XNXL device has been significantly enhanced to ease system-level ESD, EFT, surge, and emissions compliance. The CMT802XNXL series device is available in narrow-body (NB) 8-pin SOIC package.


  • Industrial automatic control

  • New energy vehicles

  • Solar inverters

  • Motor control

  • Isolated SPI

  • General purpose multichannel isolation


Data Rate:


Working Voltage:


Temp Range:


Life Time:

>40 Year

Low Propagation Delay:



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