High reliability bidirectional isolators
Independent innovation in isolation technology enables efficient data isolation.
High reliability
bidirectional isolators

The (CMT8100, CMT8101) devices are high reliability bidirectional isolators that are compatible with I2C interface. The CMT810X devices are AEC-Q100 qualified. The CMT810X devices are safety certified by UL1577 supporting several insulation withstand voltages (3.75 kVrms, 5 kVrms), while providing high electromagnetic immunity and low emissions at low power consumption. The I2C clock of the CMT810X is up to 2 MHz, and the common-mode transient immunity (CMTI) is up to 150 kV/us. Wide supply voltage of the CMT810X devices supports to connect with most digital interfaces directly, easy to do the level shift. High system level EMC performance enhances device reliability and stability.


  • Power over Ethernet

  • Isolated I2C, SMBus, or PMBus interface

  • I2C level shifting

  • Battery management


CMT810X includes: CMT8100N; CMT8101N; CMT8100W; CMT8101W

Data Rate:


Working Voltage:


Temp Range:


Life Time:

>40 Year

Low Propagation Delay:



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