BLE Smart Water Meter Solution
Improve the function and efficiency of water watches through BLE wireless communication technology
BLE communication technology

BLE smart water meter is an innovative technological application that aims to improve the function and efficiency of water meters through Bluetooth wireless communication technology, allowing users to more conveniently monitor and manage the use of water resources. Bluetooth smart water watches integrate Bluetooth technology to connect with smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth devices, bringing users a new water service experience.

Feature Highlights
Real-time Data Collection and Transmission
BLE smart water meters can collect water meter data in real time and transmit these data to smartphone applications or dedicated water meter information collection terminals through Bluetooth technology, allowing users to understand the water meter status and water usage at any time.
Remote Monitoring and Control
Users can remotely monitor and control the water meter through a smartphone application without having to go to the site or directly contact the water meter, which improves the convenience and flexibility of use.
Personalized Water Management
Users can set water use goals and thresholds according to their own needs and customize water use behavior to avoid excessive use of water resources and promote sustainable water use.
Real-time Alert Function
The BLE smart water meter can set a water consumption alarm. Once the water consumption exceeds the set threshold, an alarm will be sent to the user immediately to help the user discover and solve abnormal water use situations in a timely manner.
Data Analysis and History
Smart water meters can record historical water usage data, and users can view historical water usage trends and patterns through apps to better understand water usage habits and make adjustments accordingly.
Energy Saving and Environmental Pprotection
By rationally managing water use, users can reduce waste and achieve energy conservation and environmental protection goals, which has a positive effect on sustainable development and environmental protection.
Solution Technical Specifications
Water meters are generally installed uniformly in water meter wells, and the number of water meters in each water meter well ranges from ten to dozens. In order to upload water service data, at least one water meter in the water meter well serves as the master device to collect information from other water meters through Bluetooth and upload it to the cloud through NB-IoT.

The water meter uses a Bluetooth chip as the main controller and is connected to NB-IoT modules, sensors, valve controllers, etc. through serial ports, I2C, SPI, GPIO, etc.

Bluetooth water watches are often powered by batteries, and require a single battery to work for more than 10 years, so the average power consumption of the system is extremely high. The Bluetooth chip CMT4531 independently developed by Huapu Micro has extremely excellent power consumption performance. At 0 dBm transmit power, its power consumption is only 4.2mA and the receiving current is 3.8mA. It can meet the needs of long-term working in battery-powered scenarios.
BLE Smart Water Meter
Solution System

Solution Core Advantages
Autonomous BLE IC
Using HOPERFs self-developed BLE IC, it has stable quality, excellent power consumption, excellent radio frequency performance, and rich peripheral interfaces.
Remote Monitoring and Control
Supports remote monitoring and control of smart water meters through smartphone applications, improving the convenience and flexibility of water use and avoiding the tediousness of on-site operations.
Wide Range of Applications
HOPERF is a professional IoT wireless communication system-level service company with a professional chip design and production team. BLE products have been widely used in the water meter field for 20 years.
Low Power Consumption
HOPERF BLE IC has low power consumption features to extend battery life or reduce energy consumption, which is crucial for long-term use and providing long-term reliable service.
Typical Application
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