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With the continuous advancement and popularization of IoT technology, smart home appliances are empowered by technology, combining traditional home appliances with microcontrollers, wireless communications, sensors and other technologies, allowing users to communicate through the Internet or other communication technologies, such as BLE and Zigbee. Realize functions such as device status acquisition, remote device control, and intelligent adjustment.

As a short-range wireless communication technology, BLE technology is widely used in mobile devices. Its biggest advantage is that it can communicate without any network or infrastructure, which makes it ideal for connecting personal mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets and smart home appliances. Bluetooth communication technology also has high security. After the connection is established, the communication devices will verify each other's identities and security keys to ensure the security of the communication process.

Feature Highlights
Reliability and Stability
Smart home appliance systems must be stable and reliable during use to provide a good user experience. This requires ensuring that BLE devices, as wireless communication links, have stable and reliable connections in complex electromagnetic environments.
Multiple Connection Support
During the use of smart home appliances, there are often multiple operating users. For example, multiple family members can control a smart fan from a mobile device. This requires BLE devices to support multiple connections at the same time.
Master-slave Integrated Support
Some smart home appliances also need to be linked with other devices. For example, a smart air conditioning system can obtain information such as ambient temperature and humidity by connecting to sensor nodes. At the same time, mobile devices such as mobile phones need to be connected to the air conditioner to control it.
Smart home appliance systems need to have good security to protect devices from hackers or malicious network applications.
Solution Technical Specifications
It uses a 32-bit ARM Cortex®-M0 core with a maximum operating frequency of 64MHz. There are 256KB Flash and 48KB SRAM integrated on the chip. Integrated advanced BLE5.1 radio frequency transceiver, compliant with BLE5.1 specification, can be configured as standard 1Mbps BLE mode, 2Mbps enhanced BLE mode, 125kbps BLE long range mode (S8), 500kbps BLE long range mode (S2). Supports Bluetooth mesh, supports AOA (angle of arrival) and AOD (angle of departure), and supports RSSI (receiver signal strength indication). Can support master-slave mode at the same time, support multiple connections, and support data packet length expansion. It integrates a wealth of peripheral units, supports KEYSCAN, IRC, 10-bit 1.33Msps ADC (configurable to 16-bit 16Ksps), supports basic, general, advanced TIMER, RTC, WWDG, LPUART, USART, SPI, I2C and other peripherals.
User Binding
When using it for the first time, car owners need to perform device binding operations through the App on their mobile phones.
BLE Automatic Connection
When the owner approaches the vehicle, the keyless entry system automatically connects with the owner's smartphone via Bluetooth. Only authorized user mobile phones can establish a normal connection.
Once the Bluetooth connection is established, the keyless entry system will further verify identity.
Distance Calculation
The keyless entry system calculates the distance between the vehicle and the user by judging the signal strength.
Automatically Unlock
Once the user's identity is successfully authenticated and the user is within unlocking range, the system will unlock the vehicle's handlebar lock or electronic lock. Owners can easily push the vehicle or start the motor using the starter button.
Automatic Lock
When the user moves away from the vehicle, the keyless entry system will automatically perform a locking operation.
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Solution Core Advantages
Leading Technology
HOPERF has advanced technology and professional capabilities in the field of communication chip design and manufacturing, and can provide high-performance BLE overall solutions. Facing the complex electromagnetic environment, it can ensure stable and reliable connection of BLE devices, thereby providing a good user experience.
Custom Solution
As a professional communication chip design company, HOPERF can provide customized solutions according to customers' individual needs. Provide customized BLE chip designs for different smart home appliances to meet the special requirements of different products.
Reliable Quality and Stability
HOPERF pays attention to product quality and stability. BLE chips undergo strict testing and quality control to ensure that they can maintain stable and reliable connections in various complex environments and provide long-term stable performance for smart home appliance systems.
Management and Configuration
The configuration and modulation of chip products are easy to manage, allowing administrators to easily manage user access rights, add or delete devices.
Typical Application
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