BLE Data Transparent Transmission Solution
Meet the Wireless Communication Needs of IoT Smart Homes
High-performance BLE
Data Transmission Solution

BLE data transparent transmission is a short-range wireless transmission technology designed to realize the process of transmitting data from one device to another through Bluetooth wireless communication. Transparent transmission refers to passing data from one device to another without any modification or processing of the data.

Feature Highlights
Low Power Communication
HOPERF BLE chip has low power consumption features to extend battery life or reduce energy consumption. This is critical for long-term use and long-term reliable service.
High Speed Data Transfer
The BLE data transparent transmission module can support different transmission rates such as 2Mbps/1Mbps/125Kbps to meet the distance and transmission speed requirements in different application scenarios.
Multi-device Connection
The BLE transparent transmission module will have different working scenarios in different applications, and some specific applications will require support for multiple connections. That is, a BLE transparent transmission module can be connected to multiple BLE modules or mobile phones, and transparently transmit data to all or designated Bluetooth modules or mobile phones.
High Security
The BLE transparent transmission function requires good security to protect the device from hackers or malicious applications.
Solution Technical Specifications
HM-BT4531 is a wireless data transparent transmission module based on the CMT4531 low-power BLE 5.1 chip. By cooperating with the device MCU, it can quickly realize the connection and data communication between BLE slave devices and BLE master devices such as mobile phones and tablets. MCU resource usage is low and development is simple.

The user interface of HM-BT4531 data transparent transmission module uses a universal serial port design, full duplex two-way communication, and the minimum baud rate supports 9600bps. Supports 2M rate data transmission and supports a rich AT command set for BLE device name modification, broadcast and connection parameter modification, security password setting and other functions. CMT4531 has excellent radio frequency performance. Its maximum transmit power is +6dBm. At 0dBm transmit power, its power consumption is only 4.2mA@3.3v, and its receiving current is 3.8mA@3.3V. In sleep mode, all 48kBRAM contents are maintained, and the system power consumption is only 1.4uA. In standby mode, power consumption is only 130nA.

The module has passed complete BQB/FCC/CE/IC/SRRC certification and complies with ROHS/REACH/CAProp65 standard requirements.
Simple to Use
The threshold for use is low and no experience in BLE protocol stack application is required.
Custom Development
Supports expansion into transparent transmission module and supports secondary development.
Support Two-way Communication
The user interface adopts serial communication, full-duplex two-way communication, and the baud rate support range can reach 9600bps-500000bps.
Support Module Configuration
Provides a wealth of AT commands for configuring module parameters, and supports saving parameters after power-off.
Password Protection
Supports anti-hijacking password setting, modification and recovery to prevent third-party malicious connections.
Ultra Low Power Consumption
Sleep power consumption is as low as 1.4ua with full RAM retention.
BLE data transparent
transmission solution
network diagram
Solution Core Advantages
Technical Expertise
HOPERF has profound technical expertise in the field of BLE data transparent transmission. Including in-depth understanding of Bluetooth communication protocols, hardware and software development capabilities, and the ability to solve problems in BLE applications.
Continuous innovation is crucial in the field of BLE data transparent transmission. HOPERF has a large and stable development team that continues to iteratively improve existing technologies and develop novel functional applications.
Low Power Technology
HOPERF realizes efficient low-power energy management, which can effectively extend the battery life and usage time of the device.
Flexibility and Adaptability
Being able to provide flexible customization options according to the characteristics of different application scenarios to meet the specific needs of customers will increase market appeal.
Security and Privacy
Data security and privacy protection are the core pursuits that cannot be compromised by HOPERF. We provide strong data encryption, authentication and security mechanisms to relieve customers from worries about their data.
It can interoperate with other BLE devices and technologies to achieve seamless integration and collaborative work in a multi-device environment, effectively improving the practicality of the overall solution.
User Experience
Developing applications and devices that are convenient, easy-to-use, and user-friendly, as well as providing a good user experience, will make your final product more popular.
Typical Application
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