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Hope has released New Edge Tools with HopeDuino Development Platform





HopeDuino development kit is exclusively designed and launched by Hope Microelectronics. This prototyping tool is based on Arduino platform (IDE1.05-r2) and compatible with Arduino UNO Rev3. HopeDuino supports the development and debugging for the full product lines of Hope RF modules, and modules of other brands. The platform is widely used, simple and user-friendly. It will enhance development efficiency, save debugging time, and expedite project schedule.



Advantages of HopeDuino

Supports the full product lines of Hope RF modules;  

 Open-source with all modules driver files in HSP and libraries for user guidance;

Unified hardware debugging and testing platform;

 Interactive platform with users;

Easy to operate, easy to transplant;

Compact size, easy to extend;

Popular and famous among users.



     More information about HopeDuino, please click “read the original article” below for installment instructions.




About Ardunio


Arduino is an easy-to-use open-source electronic prototyping platform, developed by an European team in the winter of 2005.

Ardiuno is built on open-source simple I/O interface, It has processing/wiring development environment similar to Java and C languages.

It mainly contains the hardware (Arduino boards for circuit connection) and software (Arduino IDE for PC programming). You just encode in the IDE, the program will be uploaded to the board, and then instructs the board what to do.



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